Wednesday, June 03, 2009

on customer service

I posted a little while back on having to contact QuicKutz customer service regarding some defective embossing folders. Last night I received a comment from Kelly, who appreciated hearing about the QuicKutz embossing folders from the customer service standpoint. That reminded me that it's time for an update.

I'd emailed QuicKutz regarding the issue that I was having with a couple of their 2x2 folders. They said that they'd send out replacements. I received one quite promptly, along with a note that said that the other was on back-order and would be sent when it became available. I also received an enclosure suggesting that using a shim would result in a deeper impression. It was great to receive the replacement. It still isn't aligned quite properly, but unlike the other, it's close enough that it will line up under pressure. So that's cool. And the advice was appreciated, though no amount of shimming would have ever gotten that original embossing folder to mesh correctly. So, now I'm just waiting for the other embossing folder to arrive.

What I've found is that when items don't perform the way that they should, it's best to go directly to the source. It's not unusual for me to come across some issue long after I've lost or misplaced the receipt, but I do know how to find and contact a manufacturer by email, and how to politely but firmly ask if I have any recourse.

Here's a quick rundown, in my experience, of the folks who've stood by their products:

Scor-It: The scoring bar on my mini Scor-It was off-center resulting in scores that were off when I used the centering ruler. When I figured out that this was what was causing the problem and not operator error, I dropped the Scor-It folks a line. My note was answered on a holiday weekend by the owner of the company, and he promptly Fed-Ex'd me a new one.

Plaid Enterprises: I'd had some Dimensional Magic, unopened, which was very thick and unusable when I did finally open it. I wrote to them, asking what I could use, if anything, to reconstitute it. They apologized and sent me new product.

Wilton Industries: Okay, I know that there are a lot of folks who've had trouble with Martha Stewart punches. I had one that appeared to be defective. This had been ordered online, so I contacted EK Success customer service. (Contacting Martha Stewart customer service was not useful--automated reply that said that they couldn't help.) A rep from Wilton wrote back, agreeing that it sounded like the punch was defective. He sent out a replacement.

Making Memories: I've mentioned that I like the MM paper trimmer. When the cuts began fraying, I contacted MM to see if I could get/purchase a replacement blade. I'd already done the troubleshooting to no avail. They regretted that there were no replacements as the blade is designed to be self-sharpening and essentially told me to write a different dept about getting a replacement. A couple of weeks after making that contact, I had a new trimmer on my doorstep.

Then there's QuicKutz, which is also standing by their products and trying to make things right.

Those are the companies that I wanted to mention. BTW, Kelly, I do have some JustRite stamps but have not had any issues with mine, so I can't comment on their customer service. Sorry to hear that you've been disappointed so far. Hope they come through for you.

Addendum: In the comments below, Lesley reminded me of yet another company that stands behind its products and that's We R Memory Keepers, makers of the Crop-a-dile, among other things. My experience was with a defective Crop-a-dile also.


  1. Hi - just wanted to say that I've had to deal with the people who make the Crop-a-dile. They were wonderful. I got an eyelet stuck between the pin and the plastic and could not get it out, no matter what I tried. They sent a replacement part, but I couldn't get the replacement part in. They ended up sending me a brand new tool. The same thing happened to my sister and they sent her a new one also!

  2. Ack! I knew that if I started I'd forget at least one company! Yes, Lesley, I've dealt with We R Memory Keepers, too. I'd been setting eyelets and that little post-like doohickey got stuck down in its hole. It got to the point where it couldn't be maneuvered out again--annoying, so I dropped them a line to ask for advice. They asked how I'd been using it, and since I'd been using it properly and with the correct settings, they replaced it for me. So I agree--they're another company that stands by their products. Good to hear that you had a positive experience with them, too.

    Thanks for coming by!

  3. I read your entry and just had to add my thoughts on this subject. I'm a very strong believer in standing behind your products, and I've found several companies from my experience in the scrapbooking industry that I continue to buy from for not only the product but also because of their outstanding customer service. Making Memories was fantastic when they replaced a paper piercer that broke right away after I recieved it. I also had a wonderful experience with Hero Arts. One of their stamps ripped when I was taking off the back sheet from the first time, and they immediately sent a heartfelt note and a new stamp set. It's companies like these that make me so happy to be part of this industry. Thanks for sharing about your experiences!

  4. Great hearing about your experiences with Making Memories and with Hero Arts, Brit. I haven't had any issues with my Hero Arts stamps, but I've always heard very positive comments about their customer service when a problem has come up. With so much competition out there for our crafting allowances, it's good to know who we can trust to stand by their products.

    Thanks for coming by and chiming in with your experiences. :-)

  5. Good to know there are still companies willing to stand behind their name and products. There are a couple that I am rather disappointed with - mostly punch mfrs. But also one stamp company - they didn't do the refund that they said. At this point I've given up. Hopefully whoever Kelly is, she will get her issue resolved! :)
    thanks for sharing.

  6. FYI - I had an issue with a JustRite set. I called the company directly and had a replacement stamp within a very few days! They were awesome!

  7. Thanks for sharing your positive experience with JustRite, Becky. I've ordered from them without any problems and have had no issues come up, so I couldn't comment on their customer service myself. It's when the problems come up that the service aspect is put to the test, eh? Good to hear that they passed. :-) And thanks again for the input.

  8. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful projects, comments, and instructions. I'm inspired just by visiting your website! The Scor-pal/Scor-bug information is very helpful(I love your puppy...I have two fuzzy-faces just like is sitting on my feet as I type!!!).


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