Thursday, May 14, 2009

nice try with those embossing folders, QuicKutz

Wow, I can hardly believe how quickly time is flying! Yes, I'm still here and I've not given up blogging. Life has just gotten very busy!

That said, let me cut to the chase. I've had some of these QuicKutz embossing folders for a while now. I wanted to say a couple of things about them.

In the photo above you can see the A2 size folders and a couple of the smaller 2x2 size folders. These are very much like the ProvoCraft Cuttlebug embossing folders, except for the bluish tint to the plastic.

Unfortunately, they are also like the Cuttlebug embossing folders in that they aren't quite a true A2 size--by this I mean that the embossed design will not cover the entire front of an A2 size card.

I hope that you can make out that the vines reach from the top of the card to the bottom, and they're a nice crisp emboss, too, but they don't quite make it from the left edge to the right edge. If you're a crafter who's driven nuts by stuff like this, then be aware that these folders are going to leave you a bit of unembossed border on your card front.

I also had another issue with my new QK folders and this one is a more serious one in that it seems to be due to a manufacturing defect. In the photo above, you can see that the folders don't close with nice even edges. I had an 'Uh oh' moment when I noticed this.

This turned to a "GRRRR!" moment when I held them up to the light and saw that the two sides of the folders didn't match up. Hey, that's what makes these folders work, eh? But okay, maybe they'd still emboss.

My apologies for the poor quality of this photo, but frankly, the performance of the folders didn't help. The usual sandwich combo produced only a faint emboss. I went with a slightly thicker stack and ran these through again--this time I used Tab 1 on my multipurpose platform rather than no tabs. The embossing was more distinct, but far from the crisp design that it should have been. It was also very uneven in places.

Here's why. I could make the faces of the design fit together, but this is what I had to do to the folder to get them to match. There's no way that would get that way or stay that way going through a machine. Heheheh, well, unless someone, oh, I don't know, maybe decided to cut it apart or something. ;-)

Here's how the other folder looked when I fit those faces together, poor contorted thing. Again, the only embossed design I was going to get using this folder was a poor one.

So, the bottom line at this point for me is that QuicKutz apparently didn't hear the pleas of crafters who want embossed designs to cover the entire front of an A2 card, or even something larger. Hurray for Sizzix for getting that right with their textured impressions embossing folders! I should mention though, that the QK 2" x 12" borders do look like they'll emboss the full 12", so that's good news for scrappers. But I now have some defective product on my hands. I'll be writing to them to see if they're interested in making this right. I'll update if/when I hear something.

One last point, since I'm touching on customer service--my Scor-It (and I've mentioned before that they have SUPERB customer service) was buried under lots of stuff, so I used my Making Memories cutter as my background of sorts for photos today. I'd written to Making Memories a while back because my supposedly self-sharpening blade was fraying card stock when it cut. Unacceptable. I like this cutter. I've been using it for about a year. All I wanted/needed was a new blade. Well, they're supposed to be self-sharpening, so they don't have replacement blades available. ARGH! Their customer service suggested I get in touch with their dept that sends out replacements. I didn't really want a whole new cutter, but okay. My new one arrived yesterday. Wow. I like companies that stand by their product and are willing to make things right when things go wrong. Very cool. :-)


  1. That's too bad about the QK folders, they have some nice designs but I'm not forking over more money for basically the same thing I already have. I have some of the Sizzix folders and I like them, but the small ones open on the bottom rather than the top like the CB ones. I wanted to emboss the flap of an envelope and couldn't use the Sizzix one...the CB worked just fine. Something else other companies might keep in mind.

  2. I've also found the QK folders have less depth on the embossing. The raised part of the design is shallower I think than either Sizzix or CB folders.
    And like you, I REALLY appreciate the true A2 size of Sizzix folders.


  3. Seems that all of the embossing folder lines have their drawbacks. Wish that there was a bit more variety in the designs, too--right now they all look very much alike with minimal variation.

    UPDATE: As for my issue with the wonky folders, QK is going to replace them. They wanted a bit more info RE: time and place of purchase, but they're going to send new ones to me. Gotta like that! :-)

  4. I just stumbled on your site after googling for the QK embossing folders. I was happy to note that you discussed customer service.

    I just wanted to share with your readers that I purchased the monogram set from JustRite and after playing with it for over an hour, I could not get a clear image to stamp. I sent the company this note over TWO WEEKS ago and NEVER heard back. "I am sad to report that I am extremely disappointed with the product. It took me over 50 attempts to get one acceptable monogrammed image (the center letter does not fully stamp). The clear image was achieved only after slamming down on the stamper in frustration, which then knocked the outer ring off its track and resulted in me getting ink all over my hands repositioning it...."

    So, FYI if you are thinking of purchasing a JustRite product. It is understandable that sometimes products are defective. It is NEVER understandable when companies don't stand by their products!

  5. To follow up on my post from yesterday: It pays to be persistent.

    After venting about not receiving a reply to my customer complaint about the JustRite monogram stamp, I decided to email the company again and let them know I had shared my poor customer service experience with other stamping enthusiasts. Within half an hour of receiving my second email, a JustRite representative called to express his apology. Apparently, there was a communication mixup as to who was handling my complaint. I have been promised a replacement stamping set to be shipped out immediately.

    I am looking forward to receiving the replacement, since I really like the JustRite stamps. I think a monogrammed card set makes an ideal gift for a new bride.

    Anyway...I am happy to report that JustRite does care about customer service!

  6. Kelly, I'm glad to hear that you followed up on your unanswered complaint. It sounds like JustRite is going to make things right with you, so that's wonderful!

    Thanks for coming back by and leaving the update. I like happy endings. :-)

  7. I am relieved to hear that I'm not the only one having problems with the Quickutz embossing folders. I have the big shot and I tried embossing and got the same results as you. I tried also with tab 1 and it was still faint, so (I should've known what would happen) but because I was desperate for these folders to work, I tried with tab 2, and since I have the big shot, it got stuck and I couldn't get it out. I let the machine cool down, and that just seemed to reset itself and push it out. What a relief. I was stressed out that I had broken the machine. Anyway, as much as I was tempted to buy many (I love their A2 folder patterns) I am glad that I only purchased one set of embossing folders (2X2). I am interested to see what you hear from their customer service.


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