Saturday, March 14, 2009

Double 'Bossing on the Cuttlebug Challenge Blog

I just wanted to quickly mention here that I was invited to do another Guest Designer spot on the Cuttlebug Challenge blog. I revisited double 'bossing, which I described here recently, but I worked up some new examples and new cards using this technique. My post over there is called Guest Design: Double 'Bossing. Be sure to take a look at the other posts on the blog as well if you visit. Lots of neat ideas for using the Cuttlebug and its accessories.

Hope you're all enjoying your weekends so far. Ahhh, it looks and feels like spring here today. I love it! :-)


  1. I love ALL the cards you did! That is the coolest trick ever! I'm so glad I get to play with my "bug" in a new way!Thanks so much!!! :)


  2. What do you mean when you say you first "de-bossed" the card front before double embossing?

  3. Thanks Jay for this awesome Tutorial loved it and I did get a chance finally to try your technique my samples are here if you'd like to see.

  4. I loved that tutorial and the effect is stunning. I tried it and loved both the process and the end product!
    My attempt is here

  5. Hi all!

    Fran, by double 'bossing, I'm just talking about running your card front through your machine so that the design is debossed--that is, it goes down into the card stock rather than sticking up out of it. Then just turn the card front over, run it through again, and you'll have an embossed image. You can also think of it as running your card front through inside the folder with the folder face down, then removing the folder, flipping it over so that it's face up, placing the card front back inside, and running it through again. I called it double 'bossing because you deboss then emboss to get the effect.

    Beth, very pretty cards! Thanks so much for leaving me the link to your blog. I love seeing what people do with these techniques!

    Chrissie, thank you, too, for leaving a link to your creation! I really like your card and the fact that you used a gorgeous cardinal on it makes it even better!

    Thanks, everyone, for coming by, and thanks so much for sharing what you've done using double 'bossing. :-)


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