Monday, March 23, 2009

celebrate spring

The grass is coming back to life. (One of the neighbors has already cut his yard!) Trees are starting to put out leaves. Flowers are blooming. Time to celebrate spring!

I'd been keeping an eye out for crocuses. Those are usually the first bloomers in our yard. Sadly, I think the bunnies ate most of the ones in the backyard. These are some that I found at the front of the house. They're usually late because they're on the north side and don't get as much sun, but at least they're there!

We have a lot of daffodils blooming, too. I particularly like the soft color and delicate look of these flowers.

And last but not least, here's a card that I made to acknowledge the arrival of spring. The tulips aren't blooming yet, but they're getting close. I made this quite a while ago. Yes, I was a bit overly optimistic at the time, but I love spring! :-) I'd have to check to be sure, but I think I made this using some stamps from Michael's dollar bin that were stamped and colored using Memento inks and markers. The chipboard shapes are by Maya Road and were colored using Adirondack pigment inks. The die cuts were made using Spellbinders Nestabilities dies.


  1. Very lovely, Jay. Hey are you on Twitter? What's that Twitter link there? :D


    Judelf (I'm on twitter - but I'm basically just an idiot there. *G*)

  2. I just love this card. Everything about it is beautiful. Hugs Rita xx

  3. Hi Jay, beautiful card and flowers. I so love spring when the flowers peep their little heads through and winter is behind us. Cathy xxxx

  4. Hi all, glad that you like the flowers and the card, too. :-)

    Judie, that's just a link that I added so that if anyone feels inclined to share something that I've posted here via Twitter it's just a click away. It shortens the link to the post--similar to the way that TinyURL would. I am on Twitter, but mainly to follow stuff. I haven't done any tweeting myself.

    Thanks for the comments and for stopping by!

  5. Wonderful pictures, they make you want Spring to come and stay. We just had snow again..oh ick.
    Your card is really pretty, love the soft colors and the simple elegance of it.


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