Thursday, July 17, 2008

Time to enjoy life? What's that?

I love this sentiment. It's a good reminder. :-) This is just a simple card layout using a stamp image and sentiment by Clear Dollar stamps, stamped using Memento ink and colored with Prismacolor markers. The corners were cut with decorative scissors from the dollar store.

It's been busy here. The computer has been tied up with our conversion of analog video into digital media. Can I just interject here that I love the Mac for this?! Wow, it's been so slick! We'd tried for years to do this using Windows and the PC but finally gave up and gave in. That was a great move! This has been so easy! The girls and I have had a ball going through the years of videos from when they were very small. Nice trip down memory lane, which explains in part why I've been scarce here.

I've also been on a self-imposed spending moratorium which has been surprisingly easy to live with. I have enough supplies to last me for quite a while! I've found that if I'm not shopping, I'm not wasting as much time online browsing what's out there as far as merchandise and new product, and I spend more time actually stamping. What a concept! LOL! Of course that's easy for me to say since I preordered the new Cuttlebug embossing folders etc ages ago. Hopefully some of those will be landing soon.

Ahhh, it's time to follow the turtle's advice and take some time to enjoy life. :-)


  1. Hi, Jay. Loving your stuff!

    Hey, guess what - I finally broke down and bought the monochrome SAINT DVDs from England! *G* I had the first 28 shows but couldn't get the rest from NOrth America. So I had to order from the UK - can't wait - they're already enroute. But I have to buy a multi-region DVD player. :D What a freak, eh?


  2. I too have put my self on a strict budget. I estimated how much I had spent on stamping supplies just in the last year and about keeled over in shock. The bad part of that is that there are so many things I had to have that I haven't even used yet! So my self imposed challege is to use everything I already have at least once before buying anything new. I guess I will have to get really busy if there are new Cuttlebug embossing folders coming out.


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