Monday, September 21, 2009

punching around the page

I have a quick post with a couple of cards that I made using two of Martha Stewart's Punch Around the Page corner and edge punches. They were called continuous edge punches before. Different name now, but the same idea, and this time there were even instructions included! LOL! Progress!

This first card was made using the Scallop 3-Dot punches. Same deal as before. You still need to cut your card stock to specific sizes for the corner design to match up with the edge. The two white squares that I started with were 5 x 5 inches and 3.25 x 3.25 inches. The edges need to be cut in increments of 1.75" to work, so 6.75 inches and 8.5 inches, and so on, would work as well. That background stamp was by Hero Arts and the sunflower is by Inkadinkado and colored using Copic Spica glitter markers.

For this card I used the Fall Leaves punches on a 3.25 x 5 inch piece of orange card stock. The stamped images and sentiment are by Inkadinkado and stamped using Memento inks. The embossed flourish was made using a Cuttlebug border embossing folder from the Organic Flourishes set.

That's it for now. We've been playing the guess if this is a cold vs the flu for the past week and a half. Been a bit of a challenge, but I think everyone is on the right track again and back in school so I had a bit of time to craft while also trying to catch up on errands. Fun stuff! :-)


  1. Love the borders. I've been meaning to get one to try.

  2. Hi jay,
    I love your cards. Where did you get the Scallop 3 dot punches? That's a set I haven't seen.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. OH!! LOVE the sunflower card! REALLY like the 3 Dot Scallop punch ~ so pretty. I think it should be 8.50 if you must increase by 1.75 each time. I am always so impressed with your specifics and that you take the time to share, so we don't screw up. Trial and error is not my best form.

  4. Oops! Yes, I meant 8.5", nise, thanks. And I just happened to find the Scallop 3-Dot punches in a combo pack at Wal-Mart, $20 for the set. They were on a separate endcap, but still near the crafting items.

    Have a great day, all!

  5. Hey, Jay...
    Cheap and cheesy, I know (sorry!), but Yahoo is acting up on me and I never know if my email is actually sending or not....
    Anyway, I found something new (to me) and wondered if you've seen/heard/had any experience with this blank embossing folder?
    Would love to hear your thoughts!

  6. Hi Mari, it seems that I heard chatter about the make-your-own embossing folders about a year ago. There was some initial excitement, but then I didn't hear much of anything after that. I don't own a Cricut, so I don't have any experience with these folders. I just peeked at a video though and I have to say that these aren't all that different from the do-it-yourself folders that I've made here and that others have made using their Cricut machine and other supplies. I've made my own folders using chipboard and die cuts and adhered them to folders made from transparency. Others have cut lightweight chipboard using their Cricut and mounted it inside folders of various types. I'm not sure what the stuff is that is cut by the Cricut machine but from what I've read, it seems that ProvoCraft hadn't intended it to be used in the folders long-term. One complaint that I read several places was that there were no replacement folders unless you bought another starter kit. They expected the one in the kit to be reused--so basically they figured that you'd cut out a design, stick it in the folder, use it, then rip it out and discard it when you were done. I also read that it was tough to roll these folders through the Cuttlebug machine because of their thickness. So it's a neat idea, but their execution was not the best. Clever crafters can come up with perfectly acceptable substitutes for these blank ProvoCraft folders made from items that they probably already have in their stashes. Again, I have no direct experience using these, so just keep that in mind. :-)

    Thanks for coming by!


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