Tuesday, September 08, 2009

organizing my Nestabilities dies, a chart

Yes, I really should be taking advantage of my "free" time to do some card-making, but not having stuff organized so that I know what I have and can put my hands on it can drive me nuts sometimes! So, the items that were frustrating me this weekend were my Spellbinders dies. They've made so many, um, and I've bought so many, that I can't keep track of what I've got any more. I decided to compile a list of what I have. Then I decided that it might be better to just make a checklist instead. And if that wasn't enough, I decided to put it in spreadsheet form so that I could print out the list again, if needed. Yes, my simple plan had turned complicated. You know what though? It wasn't so bad and it didn't take too long to do it. Would have loved to have found a list already compiled on the internet, but sadly my searches had come up empty.

Here's a peek at what it ended up looking like....

Originally I was only going to catalog my Nestabilities, but again, the need to be organized compelled me to add Borderabilities, and if I was going to do that, then might as well include the Pierceabilities, too, so why not Pendants and Frameabilities as well? I did draw the line at the Shapeabilities though! And since I have no great love of the Impressabilities, I left them off as well.

If this is something that you might find useful, I've put it on my website in pdf form. That means that you'll need an application that can read pdf files, like Adobe Acrobat Reader. The list of Nesties is fairly long, so when I printed this out in landscape format, it took up 2 pages plus a bit of a third page. I added some columns so you can check off what you have, or if you've organized your dies in folders or CD/DVD cases, you could jot the location in there (just write very small! LOL!).

Here's the link to the file: http://www.indigojay.com/crafting/nestabilities.pdf

Happy organizing! :-)


  1. wow, jay! thanks for doing all the work for us! i will certainly use your pdf file.

  2. WHOW! That was lots of work. Now please tell me you only half of this list! Now Jay, tell me, if you don't care for the Impressabilities (me neither...this after buying 3) and you're rather miffed with Provocraft, what are you recommending to "take their place". Have you tried the new folders by Paperkutz? The Big Shot folders? Let us know....after you're done organizing and realize what you don't have :).

  3. Hi, I'm glad that you stopped by and feel like you might be able to use this chart.

    Erica, I wanted to be impressed by the Impressabilities, but I wasn't. I can see that in some folks' hands that they're versatile, but they're so thin and delicate that they don't make a deep impression and get bent out of shape rather easily. I didn't feel like I was getting enough bang for my buck especially compared with embossing folders. As for what I'll be looking at now as far as folders go, the QuicKutz folders are very much like the Provo Craft folders--they're the same size and close to the same thickness. They have the A2 folders, but they also have the 12" long border embossing folders as well as the sets of 4 smaller folders. I like the options that the long border folders add to the mix. I also like the Sizzix Textured Impressions folders, not to be confused with the Texturz texture plates. The Textured Impressions folders are like the ones made by Provo Craft, but they are slightly larger and will emboss the entire front of a A2 size card from edge to edge. These come in a variety of sizes, usually packaged so that you get a coordinated set of folders that can be used in a variety of ways. Those are the companies that I'll be looking to.

    As for what I've checked off on my list, well, I haven't yet. LOL! I have quite a few Nestabilities--plain and scalloped versions of the basic shapes and a couple of sets of labels. I have two petite Borderabilities dies, one Pierceabilities die, one pendant and border set, and one Frameabilities set. There are more, I'm sure, but that's a start just off the top of my head.

    Thanks for commenting! Appreciate it.

  4. This is just too good to be true!!! I was searching the web just a week ago to see if there was just this thing to no avail. Briefly thought of going to the Spellbinders website and trying to put something together for me to use to keep track, but hadn't followed thru on that thought. Then tonight I decided to check thru my favorite blogs..and here it is! THANKS A BUNCH for sharing!!!

  5. Thank you for the chart. Whenever I'm at the store I'm asking myself "Do I have this or not". This will really help.


  6. So far my memory is good and I know what I've got, but this could come in VERY handy ~ thanks! I made 3x5 cards for the ones I have with the sizes inside the embossed edge. Now that helps me decide which one to use for a particular stamp. I like things neat and even.
    And sometimes being unorganized is nerveracking!

  7. Thanks, Jay, for all your work on this...and for sharing!! This is such a handy chart:)

  8. With the exception of loose paper, I have EXCEL spreadsheets of everything in my scrap/stamp collection. It's a sickness!

  9. Jay,
    I originally thought the post title read "Organizing Nestabilities, dies." Bet you did feel like keeling over a time or two, eh? My organizing certainly dies a lot. I just bought I set that I already owned! Thanks for putting this list together!!

  10. Thank you so much for this list. I was just thinking that maybe I should start compiling one. And thank you for all the info on the Big Shot. I looked for days after buying my Big Shot before I found yours, which had enought detail to let me know that scoring on the acrylic pad was normal. First time I used mine, I was sure I had ruined it. So, thank you very much! Kristy

  11. Great chart - thanks. I should do the same thing with my alcohol inks, inkpads etc. I always end up duplicating something and buying what I already have!


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