Thursday, June 18, 2009

selective double embossing

I'm not sure why it never occurred to me to do this before, but I decided that I'd try combining creative Cuttling with double Cuttling. This is not to be confused, however, with creative double Cuttling (LOL!)--this was where I used one folder design, left an unembossed area, then embossed that area with a different design. This time I selectively embossed the same area twice, leaving an area of my card front completely unembossed. I hope you followed that. :-)

Now since I didn't use any Cuttlebug embossing folders, I thought I'd better not call it Cuttling, but rather just "embossing". And instead of having that fun alliterative term, creative Cuttling, I went with the more boring but perhaps more accurate description of "selective" embossing. I added the "double" since I embossed twice.

Here are the cards that resulted from my playing around with these techniques....

I embossed the above card using two A2 size Sizzix embossing folders and left the oval opening by using a wooden die cut frame to selectively emboss my card front. The flower image and sentiment are by H and M stamps and were stamped using Memento dye ink.

For this card, I again embossed the card front by using two A2 size Sizzix embossing folders. This time I used a wooden frame die cut with a rectangular opening to leave the space for the flower design and sentiment which are both by Studio G. Again, these were stamped using Memento dye inks.

My original plan had been to further embellish these two cards. I may still add a little something. But I think that the embossing already adds quite a bit of visual interest, which is also the reason why I left the embossing unaccented. I think it stands out rather nicely on its own.

So, that's my latest twist on using these embossing folders. It's fun to double emboss, but if you do this directly on a card front, I'd recommend using a heavier weight card stock that will hold up nicely even through a couple of embossings.

One more thing, you might have noticed that I've lost, hopefully temporarily, my usual blog background and any photos and files on this blog that are hosted by or linked to my personal web site. For some reason my site is down, so those things are unavailable at the moment. I've sent up an SOS to my provider's customer service department, so hopefully things will be fixed up soon.


  1. I see your note about your missing photos and blog background. I can see your blog background and the photos on the posts before and after this one. But on this post the photos are still missing (there are big white boxes with a little red x in the top left corner). I hope you get it sorted out!

  2. Thanks for mentioning the missing pics, Marie. Those are usually uploaded via Blogger. I noticed that they were slow loading last night, but I was thinking it was a temporary thing. Apparently not, because today they weren't loading for me at all either.

    I edited and uploaded them again. I hope that you can see the two photos now. :-)


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