Tuesday, June 02, 2009

art of flower pounding, using the Big Shot

Pounding flowers isn't a new concept. It's been around for a while. Using die cutting machines to pound flowers and get them to release their pigment onto paper isn't new either. I remember the old red Sizzix being great for this sort of thing, back when the original Sizzix was new, but I'd never tried it. Probably the wrong time of year or something. ;-)

So, this morning I was catching up on my Google Reader subscriptions and came across a blog post in which Spellbinders' Wizard was used to pound flowers. I had to try it. We have lots of flowers around here, and though I may not have a Wizard, I have my trusty Big Shot.

Our poker plants are blooming. So are the clematis and peonies. None of those was really right for this project. Then I remembered that my shrub rose, pictured up above, is full of blooms! These would be great! Nice color, not too big, fairly flat, also lots of them! Sorry that the sun wasn't out when I snapped my photo this morning. It looks so pretty in the bright sunlight, but we were due for rain.

Here's a close up of some of the blooms.

I plucked three candidates for my first attempt at "pounding" flowers with my Big Shot.

I trimmed the stems and placed them--hm, I guess you'd call it face down on my card stock. You can see what I mean.

I then arranged my stack as follows, from the bottom up: multipurpose platform on Tab 2, clear cutting plate, 1/2 sheet of card stock, arranged flowers, scrap text weight paper folded in half, clear cutting plate. You may or may not need to shim, depending on the size/thickness of your flowers.

This is what I got after running it through the Big Shot. There was quite a bit of pigment transferred, but you can also see where the juiciness of the flowers kinda squirted out and made a rather unsightly mess on what had been going to be my card front. This called for a change in plan. LOL!

Here is the card that I made after switching gears. The embossed background was made using the QuicKutz vines embossing folder. The rose leaves are Primas. The sentiment is by Penny Black and stamped using Memento dye ink.

Here's a close up view of the result of the flowers being pressed by my Big Shot. I like the way it turned out, even if it wasn't quite what I'd envisioned when I started. :-)

Addendum: I'll make a separate post at some point, but for Cuttlebug users, this will work in your machines, too. The stack that I used, from the bottom up, was: A plate, Cuttlebug backing shim, C plate, card stock, flowers, another sheet of card stock, B plate. As usual, you may or may not need to shim, depending on your particular machine and on the 'thickness' of the flowers you choose. Just remember not to force anything! :-)


  1. Gorgeous. :D

    Hi, Jay!



  2. This is gorgeous! Can you tell me how to do it with the Old Red Sizzex???

  3. What a great idea! I wish we had some flowers! I might have to borrow a couple from the neighbors, with permisson, of course!

  4. Just made a new post for flower pounding using the original Sizzix, Anon. Hope that helps.

    Thanks for dropping by, all! Hope you find some flowers to play with, Viv. :-)

  5. Thanks for the post and this is the great idea for working on the old red sizzex. I like your all the cards which are posted in to this post. Keep adding some more cards in your list.

  6. I have just found this blog and have to say I have never heard of, or thought of, "flower pounding".
    It's very effective and the card is lovely. The embellishment leaves are particularly effective as they are very realistic.


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