Monday, May 12, 2008

Moving & Shaping with the Cuttlebug

Okay, I'd noticed that I was repeating myself when talking about the new Sizzix Movers & Shapers and the possibility of using them in the Cuttlebug. I put them to the test this morning. Here's the scoop--they work!

A card to prove it....

This card was made using the Sizzix Movers & Shapers horizontal A2 card kit and the four pane window add-on. I put these through the Cuttlebug. The images are all Hero Arts and stamped using Tsukineko Memento dye inks. The patterned paper is Basic Grey Sultry. The butterfly die cuts were made using Spellbinders dies. I embellished with Liquid Pearls and Diamond Stickles.

Here's the stack that worked for me.

From the bottom: plate B, card die with add-on in place, card stock, plate B. I ran this through window side first so that the add-on die would help hold my cardstock in place.

Here's how it looked after that first pass through the Cuttlebug.

Now I shifted the B plates to the other end of the card die, taking care not to move my cardstock since part of it has already been cut out.

Here's the other end just about to be run through the machine.

This is how it looks after making those two passes through the CB. That part near the fold was a little bent but flattened out with a little tinkering. I'm not sure if that's where an edge of a plate caught it or if the cardstock shifted a bit. That's a chance you take when you have to make two passes instead of one pass with those extra long clear cutting plates.

And there you can see what the folded card looks like.

Yes, if you look closely I've already done a little tinkering with my card die. I've marked the center of the metal plate that represents the cardfront so that I can see exactly where I'm placing my die. No crooked windows for me! ;-) Yeah, I'm going for foolproof again, as usual. Hey, this stuff is supposed to make my life easier, eh? Not more frustrating.

Okay, but what about the add-ons? They'll work, too, and by themselves without the card die, just like with the Big Shot.

In the photo above, you see two B plates, a Sizzix long clear plate, the flower add-on, and a scrap of purple cardstock.

And this is the stack that worked for me. From the bottom: plate B, plate B, lightweight chipboard shim, add-on die with cutting side up, cardstock, clear cutting plate--if you have an extra B plate, that would work in place of the long Sizzix clear plate that I used here. They're the same thickness. Depending on your machine, you'll need to experiment just a bit with shimming, and as usual, you'll want to start thin and gradually add shims so that you won't break your machine.

So, there you have it. The Sizzix Movers & Shapers can work with the Cuttlebug. :-)


  1. This is good info. Thanks for all of the details.

  2. Wow,you explained that perfectly! Very easy to understand *and* you answered a question I had before I even got to ask it! (The question? It was whether you could use the add on without using the card die. Thank you:)

  3. Jay, you do the heavy lifting so we can have more fun. You're a peach! And thanks for the clear language.

  4. Will the sandwich work if you use the magnetic material that the office supply stores sell to make refrigerator magnets (it's thicker than paper)? Is this type magnet strong enough to keep the add-on dies from slipping? Thanks so much for your great instructions.

  5. Pam, I think that the magnet would be strong enough, just take care putting it through the machine since it's a bit thicker than the magnetic paper.

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  7. Hi, this is a wonderful tutorial but can I please ask a question? Can you use these with a Wizard?

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