Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring Cleaning

It's going to be a gorgeous day here today! The sun is already out and the temperature is in the upper 50s on its way to the low 70s later on. It certainly looks like spring is here! I'll be outside later doing some 'spring cleaning' in the yard. That is, I'll be continuing my annual battle with the dandelions and weeds. With a year old dog snuffling around the backyard these days, I'll be yanking those out rather than spraying them--better for the environment anyway and good sun time for me. :-)

I've been doing some sprucing up here on my blog, too. My Mini-Tutorials menu in the sidebar was getting a bit big and tough to navigate. I've grouped those into categories with menus of their own. Hopefully that will make it easier to find specific posts. I'll also just add a reminder that I try to label all of my posts to make searches easier. (Doesn't it figure that this post won't need any labels? LOL!) Just click on a label at the end of a post to pull up everything related to that term. I often go back and make cards using techniques that I've written about or used earlier--clicking on the label for that technique will bring up all of the examples to date on my blog, as well as the original post. This is something that you should be able to do on blogs that have tags, categories, or labels.

One last tip to make your blog browsing life easier--you can subscribe to blogs like this one so that you can easily keep up with new posts that are made. If you're like me, you find lots of blogs out there that are inspiring, but find it hard to remember to click on each bookmark, or you might click only to find that there's nothing new to see. Subscribe to that blog instead and make your life easier. I have links for doing that in my sidebar and at the bottom of the page. I personally use Google Reader, but that's just a matter of preference. Depending on the browser you use, there's probably an icon in the address bar at the top that will either show a little radio button or RSS. That lets you know that you can subscribe to a feed for that webpage, and you can click and drag that to your navigation bar, too.

Time to head out and enjoy the sunshine! :-)

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