Sunday, April 06, 2008

Partial Cuttling for Sizzix

Quite a while back I came up with a theory for partial Cuttling with a regular Sizzix. I never heard if the person tried it, or if it worked. Since there seems to be quite an interest in partially Cuttlebug embossing cardfronts, I thought I'd see if my theory would work for the folks who are still using the old red Sizzix machine.

First, I had to dig out my Sizzix. Thankfully I knew where it was. Unfortunately, it was on a shelf in my basement, so the setting for these photos isn't as nice. And wow, I'd forgotten how HEAVY this machine is!

So, here's what I started out with: my red Sizzix, the long white platform, the two long clear cutting plates, a white A2 size card, and my Cuttlebug Swiss Dots embossing folder.

As usual, you place the front of the card inside the folder and tuck the back behind the folder so that it won't be embossed.

Okay, now here is where it got interesting. Most people *ahem* would have probably looked up what the usual set up is for using these folders in a Sizzix. I know people do it. I just never paid attention. But hey, I used to use this machine all the time. I was sure that I could figure it out. LOL! I tried a number of different combinations, including using the regular white Sizzix platform and the magnetic converter that I didn't show in the first photo. Most of the time my sandwich was just not thick enough and the handle went all the way down without applying pressure.

Here is the combo that worked.

From the bottom going up, Sizzix white platform, long border platform, embossing folder with card inside, then a clear plate. Again, the way that the folder is placed on the platform is the key here. Sandwich that top fold portion of the card in between the long platform and the long clear plate so that only that top part will be embossed. There isn't much clearance, but there doesn't have to be. You just need to be able to apply enough pressure to emboss. You don't need to crank down hard on this sandwich. I hardly moved the handle at all really--just enough to give the folder a good squeeze. Release and move the combo through as you normally would to emboss the width of that cardfront.

When you're finished and you open the folder....

TA DAAA! You should have your own partially Cuttled cardfront made using a Sizzix machine! Hope that Sizzix users find this helpful. I want you to be able to have partial Cuttling fun, too. :-)

Edited to add: You should be able to do some diagonal Cuttling with the Sizzix, too. Just run the narrower plates through the opening at an angle. You won't have as much room to play around with the angles as you would if you had a wider platform, but it should work.

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  1. Thank you! I will get SO much more value from my Cuttlebug folders AND my Sizzix which has lain unwanted and unloved for so long now.



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