Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Shopping finds at M's

I do most of my shopping online these days, but occasionally I'll buzz into Michael's to see what they have that I might need. I did relatively little damage today, even with no coupon available this week, but came across some fun finds and good buys.

I don't have a pic, but I know people have been searching for those Bride's pearlescent confetti flowers. I noticed today that Michael's had them back on the endcap where I'd first seen them weeks ago. They were sold out for a while, but now they're back and both the white and the cream colors were available. There were lots of each, too.

I also came across these small Offray ribbon flowers with small pearls in the centers. I don't think these are large enough to cost extra postage to mail, but it probably depends on how picky your post office is. They're fun and come in a package of 50. A nice change from the usual paper or mulberry flowers.

I love the Robin's Nest Dew Drops. I think they're great fun! I found something very similar at Michael's today in the floral section.

These are the colors that they had. Size-wise, they're the same as the bigger dew drops. Now with the Robin's Nest dew drops, you get a variety of colors and some variation in size in that cute bottle. There isn't as much variety here. There are a couple of different yellows in that bag. Just one in the blue one along with some clear drops. There was the dark red and the pink. Those pale yellow green ones had some clear drops mixed with them. Originally I wasn't going to buy the clear ones. Then it occurred to me that I could probably color them myself either using Sharpies or maybe my Copics. Alcohol inks would be another alternative. Oh, the wheels were turning! But the best part? I only spent a couple of bucks per bag. What a deal! LOL! What's in the photo up above cost me the same as two bottles of Dew Drops. I'd never be able to go through all of these, so I'm sure that I'll be giving some away at some point.

Here's how I'm storing them for now. No cute bottles, but then again it's easier to unscrew the top and pull out the faux dew drops that I need rather than having to pour them out. This is the larger set of stackable containers that can be found in most craft aisles--it measures 2 3/4" across the top. I was able to fit maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of what was in each bag into each container. Looks pretty, too, eh? Very spring-like colors!

Oh, I love a great day of shopping! And I should be all set for when the rain comes in later.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up - I did find the faux dew drops and bought the pink, clear and yellow - do your yellow ones have a bubble in the middle of them? I haven't checked every single one but alot of mine do :-(


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