Thursday, February 07, 2008

Partial Nesties

The partial Cuttling that I talked about below got me thinking about Nestabilities dies and whether those could be used in a similar fashion. Guess what! They can.

Up above is some cardstock that I'd like to put a scalloped edge on. I've pulled out my largest Nestabilities scalloped oval die.

Here I've again placed my layers so that the trailing edge, the one that I want to have remain unchanged, is hanging off the edge. This time I've flipped my layers and have that well-loved cutting plate on the bottom so that I could better position my die.

Once I was satisfied, I covered it with the other clear plate.

With the two clear plates holding everything in place, I simply flipped that "sandwich" and placed it on the Big Shot's multipurpose platform that I had open to the appropriate layer. Again, that trailing bit was just left hanging over the edge.

Here you can see that I now have a nice scalloped edge on this piece of cardstock.

And here is a card that I made using that partially scalloped cardstock as the bottom layer. I think it adds some fun visual interest and is a change from the usual layered scalloped shapes or straight-edged card layers.

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  1. WOW! This is another FANTASTIC tutorial. I'll have to try this one also!


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