Friday, August 10, 2007

A stamping tip

A few months ago I dedicated some time to unmounting most of my wood-mounted rubber stamps. Some I've mounted on EZ mount cushion, since I have a bunch of that. I like having some cushion on the bigger and more detailed stamps. I've been using Tack 'n Peel on one set of my acrylic blocks for the smaller stamps. They're tougher to mount on thicker cushion and I'd started using this before the thin EZ mount came out. I've been happy with that.

The one thing that I'd had problems with though is losing that clear piece of plastic that you're supposed to keep on the Tack 'n Peel when it's not in use. I tried to make a conscious point of putting it aside in a place where it wouldn't get lost. That only worked some of the time. Then it occurred to me to write on it with a Sharpie so that it wouldn't blend in with everything so much. Ahhh! My mind kept going.... It could also be stamped on in permanent ink, like Staz-on or the Palette hybrid inks, or tinted with alcohol inks for a prettier look. At any rate, it would be easier to find. It was a 'DUH!' moment when it occurred to me. LOL! It does work though.

Photos to follow. I keep forgetting to snap a pic.

Oh, and I finally had to clean my Tack 'n Peel for the first time the other day. There's just something about wetting down something that's supposed to be sticky that seems counter-intuitive. It worked great though! A quick rinse with plain water, an air dry, and it's nice and sticky and ready to go again. This stuff is great!

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