Thursday, August 09, 2007

Quick addendum

I didn't think that this would come up often enough to add to my chart of manual die cutters and dies, but it occurred to me today that I left off some dies by one more manufacturer. Those would be the dies that were made to be used with the Scraparatus. They're cute little dies and I've used them in my Big Shot. I just treated them like the usual wafer-thin dies. I was able to cut decorative paper and cardstock with them. I haven't tried anything thicker than that. They're fun because they're very easy to place exactly where you want them, and you can use both the positive and the negative cutouts.

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  1. I love my Scraparatus tool! And you can cut dies from chipboard with it. I bought a Quickutz photo corner die and made the cutest chipboard photo corners using my Scraparatus tool. The tool is compatible with any other manufacturer's die as long as it is a wafer style and doesn't have a cushion. This makes the Scraparatus and even more valuable tool. The only dies I am not certain about are the Spellbinder ones. While they are thin and don't have a cushion, the metal seems awfully thin. I'm not sure if the Scraparatus wouldn't bend it. I am trying to contact the Karen Foster company to inquire.


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