Sunday, August 05, 2007

Comparing manual die cutters

There are lots of die cutters available for personal use these days. It can be tough to know which ones will cut which dies, which can use what folders, and that sort of thing. I have three machines. I've had a red Sizzix for years. I've had the Sidekick for a little less than that. I've had my Big Shot for at least a couple of years now and it's the most versatile of the three.

But everyday I see lots of folks with questions about die cutter compatibility, so I compiled a chart of what works with what. Now I tried not to include erroneous information, but that means that I may have left something out if I couldn't find enough info about it. This is not meant to be all-inclusive in any sense, and I expect, and hope, that if there are errors they'll be pointed out, and that if there are additions that need to be made, they'll be sent or posted so that I can add them.

Okay, so with that disclaimer out of the way, here's a link to a file where I've compiled my information in chart form.

Hopefully this is viewable by most folks. You do have to have Adobe Acrobat Reader which is free and can be downloaded here.

I didn't go in search of this info. It kind of dropped in my lap, so I thought I'd add it here. If you have a Cuttlebug and want to know the sandwiches for the various dies, here's a link on SplitCoastStampers that will help:

It has the info in doc and pdf form. Hope that makes things easier.


  1. You're quite big time yourself, I must say. I have machines and I have been in this business for decades now. Hope to see your collections in your next post!


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