Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spring Cleaning

I think that the Spring Cleaning bug bit me--I've not had anything new to post because I decided to unmount my wood mounted stamps. I started with just one drawer. When I saw that small pile of rubber and compared it to the size of the drawer that the mounted versions used to occupy, my jaw dropped and I understood why people did this. It's a HUGE amount of space to reclaim! So, I've been pulling rubber off of mounts for the last few days.

My problem now is deciding how to store all of this wonderful rubber. I have CD cases, but I'm not sure that's the way I want to go. I have some in binders, and I've not been totally sold on that. I have some on stiff boards inside clear plastic folders and huge ziplocks. I'm actually most fond of that system. I like being able to thumb through and pull out just one folder instead of a big binder. I put my rubber on the boards, stamp an index sheet, or two if I've covered both sides, and then slip that inside the envelope with the sheet images showing on both sides. Some of my stamps are bare rubber. Some are on EZ mount. Some have cling vinyl stuck to the adhesive side of the cushion. They take up a lot less space though! I love my acrylic mounts and have Tack 'N Peel on one side for bare rubber stamps, and stamps with EZ mount can be used on the other side. Works great! Now I just need to finish organizing and storing them.

I also wanted to mention a great idea that someone posted in reply to one of my Bind It All posts regarding the 1/4" coils. Jennifer S said that she cut a piece of fun foam, that happens to be 1/16" thick, to use in the slot of her Bind It All. I KNEW that someone would come up with a great solution! YAY! Just cut it a little longer than the slot and it can be easily slipped in when needed and removed when not needed. Great idea, Jennifer, and thanks for mentioning it!

On another note, I noticed when I went to the dashboard to start this new post that with my last post I'd hit 100 posts! WOO HOO! Not bad for someone who'd just started this on a lark. :-)

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  1. Hi there- I'm new to your blog (last week). I, too am a huge UM fan and I have unmounted many of my mounted stamps. Since I sometimes make samples for stamp companies, I sort my stamps by company, stamp them wilt permanent ink on a 6x9 envelope and write the name of the stamp company in the upper right hand corner. I store them in storage bins, alphabetical by company. If I have lots of little UM's I may store them in a small bag in the envelope or I may use a little poster tape and tape them to a piece of clear plastic which is cut to fit the envelope. I balance the bin so there are enough envelope to keep everything set but enough room to be able to flip through to look for stamps.


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