Tuesday, March 06, 2007

For the visual among us....

This is just a quick post to make note of some sites that I think are good for those of us who find it helpful to see things in action. Love visual aids!

The first one is the Fiskars site. They have a section for crafts and have some videos available that demonstrate how to make some projects and how to use some of their tools. If you go to the Fiskars site, go to the crafts section and click on
Fiskars TV, or just click on the link I've provided.

The other site that I thought was fun was a set of videos on YouTube that were made by madscrappergirl. Her most recent video describes how to use the Crop-a-dile, so if you've ever been confused by the hype and excitement over this tool, this video might help out.

This last site is maintained by CreativeXpress. I didn't realize it until the other day, but there are fourteen episodes by Nth Degree Creative that are posted there. They discuss various techniques and how-to's. It's a resource that I hadn't realized was available before. Kinda neat.

I've made a new section for these under my stamping resources links for future reference.

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