Sunday, February 04, 2007


It's a frigid morning here. Temps were in the single digits and even though the sun is out and it looks pretty, it's still COLD! Gee, finally feels like winter. I decided to sit down for a bit with my hot cup of coffee and do some updating. Since I seem to be keeping up with this blog, I wanted to make it more user-friendly. Here are some of the changes that I've made:
  • started repopulating the links to stamping blogs that I like to drop by and read
  • added a link to my online photo gallery - all of my cards and photos in one place
  • added a mini-tutorials section to my links for techniques that I've described here on my blog
  • updated labels for my posts to make things more easily searchable - just click on a label to see other posts with that same label
  • trying out Snap preview for links - I kind of like the visual reminder of what a site looks like before I click on it
  • added a fun random book cover generator by The Library Thing - these are all books that I've read and enjoyed
  • added a link to the new Gingerwood techniques library
  • adjusted the font sizes and colors a bit to make post titles and links a little easier to read
Hopefully all of those changes were good things. :-)

Also, since I haven't had a whole lot to cheer about as far as hockey, I'd just like to say that the Blues won last night and have now equaled their total number of wins for last season when they finished LAST in the league! WOO! LOL! And there are still 29 more games (or something like that) to go! It's been tough to be a Blues fan lately.


And finally, Happy Superbowl Sunday, everyone! I have no loyalties to either team, but if Indy wins, at least I can say that the Chiefs were knocked out by the eventual Superbowl champs. :-)

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