Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I have two reasons for posting. Well, there are three actually. The first is because I haven't posted in quite a while. The second is because I have some stamping-related stuff to share. The third is that I want to try something--linking my Picasa/Google web album and this blog.

Again, I created this for my online reading group. It's fun. The Ladies of Lallybroch™ have a neat relationship with Diana Gabaldon, author of the Outlander series. Each December the group pitches in and sends her some goodies, and for the last three years now, I've had the privilege of creating the card that accompanies her box of presents. As we were brainstorming, my good friend came up with a verse inspired by The Night Before Christmas. It was rather long for a regular card and I thought that even a longer card wouldn't do it justice. I decided to try my hand at a star book. Mind you, I've seen them, but I've never tried to make one. Isn't it always the way? That I'll be trying something for the first time when I'm working on something important?! Anyway, I found a great set of directions on Split Coast Stampers and I was off to make a go of this.

I used chipboard as the base for the front and back and covered them with the plaid fabric that I'd had left over from my altered nutcracker's kilt. The pages inside were Bazzill cardstock. Naturally, after I had all of the pages cut out, I realized that I didn't have a great way of adding the text, unless I wanted to write them or use layers of computer-generated text. ACK! Neither of those were great options. I decided to print the words on transparency and go from there. It ended up working out nicely. I'll post the link to my album below. I took a lot of pics because this was my first time and it actually went very smoothly!

Okay. Here's where I'm trying something new. I'm going to try using the code that is supposed to embed my album here....

Hopefully that worked. It looks like it did. Anyway, that was a fun project and I enjoyed that creative stretch.

This takes me to the last reason that I'd wanted to post. I've enjoyed blogging, but it can take time to resize pics and get them ready to blog. I realized that Picasa will upload pics to a free web album, to the tune of 250 MB, and then you can upgrade from there. It was super easy. You can enter the file or photo size, make new albums, make them public or private, edit captions, names, locations--it's slick. Then I noticed in the sidebar that I could embed my album in my blog. Nifty! That's why I'm testing this. I'm curious. This could be a lot of fun, not to mention easy! Hopefully it will work. *crossing fingers*

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