Saturday, September 02, 2006

Another update

I'd been thinking of making a header for my blog, but I couldn't decide what to use. Today I came across a photo of the Arch here in St Louis that I'd taken several years ago. I started imagining it in sepia tones, and well, after about half an hour of tinkering with it in Paint Shop Pro, I had a header design that I liked. The background was made using various brushes in PSP. It's a fun way to distress images without getting all inky.

I've also updated my list of stamping-related blogs in the sidebar. Now if I could just get around to clicking around on them all....


  1. I think your new header is very cool! I have never been to see the arch in St. Louis!

  2. Looks good, Jay! Great job! :) I lived in St. Louis (St. Cahrles, worked in St. Peter) myself many moons ago. I remember the arch... what a sight!

  3. UGH... of course that should say "St. CHARLES"... oops! LOL ;)

  4. Lisa! I usually say I live in St Louis because people have an idea of where that is, but I really live in St Charles. Small world! :-)

  5. Looks really good on your blog!!

  6. Great header - love the distressed look and the idea of getting there without ink all over you - brilliant!


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