Saturday, July 29, 2006


Since I've been talking about reading, I thought it'd be worthwhile to share a site that I've been enjoying for the past year. Unless you can get to the library often, reading can get to be an expensive habit. I suppose it's not so bad as far as vices go, but if there's a way to save some money, then that's great because it means more books! I'm talking about a site called It's a free site where the members can trade books that they've read and are willing to send to someone else to enjoy. They don't have to be paperbacks. They can be hardbacks, even audio books. Basically, you join and you get three credits when you post nine books to be swapped. With your three credits, you can browse the books or search the site for a specific author or title, and you can request up to three books with those credits. You earn more credits when you send books to other members and they arrive as expected. One book=one credit. You pay for media mail rate shipping (usually $1.59) when you send a book out. You pay nothing when you request one. It's really easy! As I said, I've been swapping books for over a year. I haven't had a single bad experience, and I've taken part in over 200 transactions. It's a fun way to keep reading and not overrun your bookshelves. Click on the image below if you think you'd like to take part. Yeah, it's linked to me--I can earn a credit if someone sees this recommendation, becomes a member, and posts books to swap. That's icing on the cake though. More members means more books to choose from!

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