Friday, July 21, 2006

Creative slump

Today was the first full day back after a week away. It was fun to recharge the batteries, but unfortunately my muse must have taken off, too. I cut rubber instead of actually creating. I have a wonderful sheet of images courtesy of Inka Stamps. Played her Deal or No Deal game last month and my envelope had a coupon for a free sheet of Inka's new rubber images! I finally inked them up, even if it was just to index them. I hope I feel more creative tomorrow.

I will say that I did do a few stamping-related things. I hit Sunday International's clearance sale, for one. They had some nifty stuff for discounted prices, 60-80% off. I browsed the Eureka Stamps site to confirm that Biblical Impressions stamps really are available again. They are, and they're also on sale, so if you've been missing BI stamps, head to Eureka Stamps and look at their specials. I checked out the dollar section of Target, too. Rumor has it that the clear document boxes are back, but they weren't at the store near me. ARGH! I like them for storing unmounteds, so my search goes on. I also managed to catch up on all of the stamping forums that I neglected while on vacation.

On a different note, it was cooler here today. We had more storms come through, but they weren't as severe as the ones of a couple of nights ago. Still, there are thousands of people here without power. They're looking at days until they might have electricity again. My in laws are among the ones doing without. Hopefully it'll be better for everyone soon.

One last inkling... how about Floyd Landis! He was awesome yesterday after having a horrible day the day before in the Tour. I love how all of the media wrote him off after that stage and are having to eat their words now. The time trial tomorrow should settle who the winner of the Tour de France will be. I hope Floyd does it. GO FLOYD!!!

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