Sunday, February 14, 2010

spring cleaning on IndigoInklings

It must be that time of year. I've been feeling the need to do some sprucing up on the blog. No big changes at this point. I just wanted to reduce some of the clutter and mayhem in my sidebar. I'd been considering going to a three-column layout, but then Blogger made pages available and I decided to give that a go instead.

So, up above, you now see a row of navigation. It's supposed to look like tabbed navigation, but I haven't worked with getting that row to be a different color yet. I'd like to be able to set that off from the rest of the page. First things first though--I wanted to see if pages would even work with my layout since I've done so much tinkering. Looks like it does! And it was really quite easy to do. I basically did all of the grunt work for this while watching the Blues game and the Olympics last night. LOL! I just followed the instructions on the Blogger site.

I've moved a number of my sidebar elements to the top. I think it's reduced some of the busy-ness of my sidebar. I thought about moving the tutorials etc up there, but I think they're more accessible where they are now with those drop-down menus. I may move all of my stamping resources up there on their own separate page. I need to get motivated to copy and paste all of those links though--the way I have it set up now I'd have to copy each one individually, so it's a bit of a daunting task. We'll see. It's a gray and cold day here and some snow is falling intermittently, so it's a good one to spend indoors and that may become one of my multitasking efforts.

Anyway, if you're thinking of tackling pages in Blogger, I can now say that it was really easy to do. Just be sure to download a copy of your template before playing so that you have a safety net should anything not work out quite the way that you expect. :-)

Happy Valentine's Day and/or Happy Chinese New Year, all!


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