Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chewy chill-axin'

Most people would probably think that a cold snap would be a great time for hunkering down at home and crafting. Well, that would have been great if we hadn't had to start replacing appliances that have all begun to have issues. UGH. We now have a new washer/dryer. We're orking on replacing the wall oven/microwave combo. Such fun! But enough of that.

Since some of you have commented on Chewy, the white furry half of my profile pic, I thought I'd share a photo that I took of him this morning. It had been VERY cold for the last several days, with the thermometer outside reading 0 degrees F in the morning more often than not. Today it was about 10 and we're supposed to get into the mid-20s by later today. Whoa! It's a heatwave! LOL! Really! Apparently Chewy thought it was a heatwave.

See? He did his usual patrol of the perimeter of the yard then plopped himself down in the snow for a little rest. He chilled out there for a minute or two and then trotted back to the door to be let inside. What a rough life. :-)


  1. hahahah - cute, Jay!



  2. Don't feel bad ours does the same thing, only then he likes to rub his face in it, too. Then sits there like he's on neighborhood watch and checks everyone's comings and goings. Eventually (long after I'm frozen) he decides it's time to wander back inside for a nap. Then we repeat the process another hour or so later. LOL! What a life!! I'd love to know what they are thinking...


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