Wednesday, September 02, 2009

still here, just busy

Wow, it's hard to believe that it's already September. We're more or less settling back into the routine of school, but are still working out the kinks in making the drive to two different places now that the older one is in high school. We've also been kept hopping because of the various Back to School types of activities that tend to kick off the academic year. I've also been literally, well, almost literally, hopping because I tweaked an ankle a bit helping out at the younger daughter's volleyball practice last week. I've always loved volleyball. I just wish I'd remembered to snug up the laces on my shoes before helping with the scrimmage. Getting up and down the stairs to do my crafting has been a challenge. I did make a couple of cards earlier today, but I didn't get a chance to take pictures yet. I hope to post those tomorrow. I am still here though and have not abandoned blogging. :-)


  1. Hope your ankle gets better SOON. It's tough enough chasing after active children with 2 good feet!

  2. I can relate! I have a wonderful studio upstairs over the garage...450 square ft!
    But the stairs have become a detriment since arthritis has flared :( and I don't just pop in for a bit...

  3. Watch out for that ankle please...I want you to be able to go up and down those stairs!!!! Lisa from RI

  4. Thanks for the kind thoughts! Wouldn't you know that we had to attend Back to School night at the older daughter's new high school. It was her day in abbreviated form--classes each 9 minutes long, but if one class was upstairs, the next was down, then back up again, and down.... seriously! The ankle survived though. Whew!


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