Monday, August 03, 2009

Winner of my Day 3, three year anniversary giveaway

I won't keep you in suspense. The winner has been chosen by the random number generator.

And the comment that corresponds to this selection is....

Congratulations, Sandi! It looks like crossing all of your fingers worked! LOL! I'll be in touch so that I can get your mailing information and get your prizes sent off to you.

Thanks so much, everyone! It's been fun to spend some time celebrating this milestone. Thank you for the lovely comments and thanks so much for coming by here, taking the time to read, ask questions, or leave feedback. I started this blog for myself, but it's turned into more as time has gone by, and I appreciate all of you who take the time to stop by here and visit or who read via subscription. It's been a fun three years and I'm looking forward to continuing the crafting and the blogging. :-)


  1. Thank you...thank you...thank you...yippppeeee
    Please disregard my first email to you Jay, the second email has my info...and thanks for the blog sweet

  2. Hi Jay, Letting you know my goodies cane today, I am so happy, do not have any of the items I received....thanks for everything.......
    Keep blogging along........
    Susie L.

  3. Wow, Susie, that was fast! Sometimes the USPS can still impress me, in a good way. Thanks for letting me know your stuff arrived. Enjoy!

    Sandi, I'll send your prizes on their way very soon. :-)

  4. Hi Jay,
    Could you let me know when you send prize 3 to me, it would help me to keep a look out for it.
    Thanks so much, you are such a dear!


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