Friday, August 07, 2009

double take time

So tonight I was catching up on reading my Google Reader subscriptions, Tweets, and emails. I happened to browse through the August Scor-It newsletter that had landed in my inbox today. Cool! A mention of the new sliding ruler caught my eye, so I quickly perused the rest of the news. After all, I've been enjoying the addition of that ruler to my board and if there were new tips or tricks, I wanted to know about them!

Well, there were no tips or tricks that were new to me at this time, but you know what? THIS blog was mentioned under the header of Press! Hey, I love the Scor-It board, its scores, and I think that the addition of the Scor-It ruler just made it even better, but I'd just been singing its praises here on my personal blog because I think it's a great tool that became more versatile, and I wanted others to be in on the fun. :-) I'd never thought of myself as the Press. Wow. Maybe I should get a Blackberry, eh? ;-) I did a double take when I saw that though.

Anyway, if you happen to have found your way here by way of that newsletter, I wanted to point out that in my sidebar I have menus to help navigate the posts of this blog. There are labels and a search engine. I also have a section in the sidebar specifically for the Scor-It. Since I've been gushing over the Scor-It ruler, I decided that it deserved its own link in that section. I think that'll make it easier to zero in on the newer posts where I've talked more specifically about the decorative scores that can be made using the ruler and how they can be achieved.

Last but not least, if you'd like to sign up to receive your own copy of the Scor-It monthly newsletter, go to the Scor-It site and then click on the link in the upper right hand corner of their home page to sign up for it. That's how I happened to find out about the new ruler, so I'm definitely keeping that one coming to my box.

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  1. Congrats on getting your info noticed by the powers that be. Maybe they'll let you test the next great thing that they come up with?! Your "beams of light" are lovely.


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