Thursday, July 30, 2009

Winner of my Day 2, three year anniversary giveaway

Okay, it's time to get things back on track here. The girls and I had our fun out of town. Did lots of shopping and ate plenty of good food. Going cold turkey with no internet connection was kinda rough though. ;-) It's good to be back. :-)

Before I announce the winner for the day 2 giveaway, I want to clarify a couple of things. I receive notices of all of the comments that are posted to this blog, so I have copies in email form. I still have this record even if comments are deleted. I mention this because I deleted a couple of comments last night before plugging the numbers into the widget. One comment had been deleted by its author, but it was still numbered as a separate comment. Another was a comment where someone had added email info--that was fine, by the way :-)--I just deleted it so that it wouldn't count as another entry. I still have a copy of that info. So, if your number isn't what you remembered it to be, that would be the reason, but rest assured that even if you were an Anonymous commenter who emailed me with a comment # so that I'd know who you are, I can still pull that information out even though the numbers changed, okay? :-)

That said, here's the winning number....

And here is the winning comment....

Congratulations, Sue! You are the winner of my day 2 celebration prize package! I'll be in touch to get mailing information from you so that I can get your prizes sent off. :-)

I'll post the third installment of my tri-fold, three year celebration giveaway a little later. Don't worry. I have no plans to head out of town or to go without an internet connection so this one won't drag out. :-)


  1. You are a true inspiration. I think you are adventurous in your card making; I'm a wannabe.

  2. Love all of your work. Would be overwhelmed to win the giveaway!

    Ann Smith


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