Friday, July 03, 2009

more info RE: Martha Stewart continuous edge system

I've received a number of questions regarding these punches. They're new releases so they're not widely available yet. I can get so lucky with my timing sometimes! Not sure how that happened.

As you'll see below, I came across them at More Than Ink. They offer the option of buying both punches as a set at less than the cost of each punch purchased individually. That's where I bought mine. I've also seen them available for preorder at Frantic Stamper. Fran also had the instructions that I thought should have come with the punches, so that's worth a look. I didn't realize that the corner punch is designed so that it can also be used to punch an interior corner of a card front. I'll have to check that out. By the way, I'm comfortable mentioning both of these vendors here since I've had good experiences with both.

I haven't seen them at any bricks and mortar stores that I frequent, at least not yet. It'd be great if they do start showing up at places like Michael's. Each punch costs about the same as the usual edge or corner punch, so a coupon would be great to use. I've clipped some of the other designs to show you as well.

Hope that enables you just a bit more! ;-)

clipped from
The NEW Continuous Edge System by Martha Stewart consists of two companion punches. A Border Punch and matching Corner Punch. They can be used together to continue the design all the way around your project without interuption! These punches can be purchased separately, but are offered together for a discounted price. Please click the picture to the right for a larger view of how this works! Way cool!!
Continuous Edge Punches
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  1. I have referenced you with a link on my blog for info on how to use this system. I hope that is ok. Please let me know if is not. Thanks for all the great info. It would have taken me forever to figure out the dimensions on my own.


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