Wednesday, June 10, 2009

some blog housekeeping

It's storming here tonight and we finished watching "So You Think You Can Dance" not too long ago. We'll be checking YouTube tomorrow for videos of the two jazz numbers that we missed tonight because of Severe Weather Alert interruptions. Of course we rejoined programming just as the judges were gushing over the performances, both times. ARGH!

So anyway, just a short post tonight to say that I've updated the drop down menus in the sidebar. I realized last night that I hadn't kept up with listing and linking my more recent posts that might come in handy for future reference. I also came across some nice straightforward instructions for making blog comments numbered. If you run contests or giveaways, numbered comments can be very helpful. They're also useful when you're trying to reference or address a specific comment that's been made. The instructions can be found at Quite Random, and if you click on a post here on my blog that has comments, you should be able to see that they're now numbered. And if you hadn't heard or noticed, Blogger now has a blog search gadget that can be added to your blog. You add it the way that you add other gadgets--via Layout, then Add a Gadget. You can see that I've added it to my sidebar. That let me get rid of the navigation bar that used to live at the top of the blog page but didn't really go with my design. Hope some of you find those items useful. :-)

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  1. I can't imagine no one having commented on this message yet. You are really full of good information about 'everything!' I love getting all your how-tos. I haven't graduated to a blog yet but enjoy reading about the process that one goes through to enhance theirs. It's an education in and of itself but I've always been overwhelmed with the amount of experimenting and info you put out on Cuttling and other like products. Appreciate all you do!


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