Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Scor-It ruler

I'm not sure how I missed this, but Scor-It has come out with a sliding ruler that fits onto the large original Scor-It boards. I love my Scor-It, and I liked the idea of having a way to measure at the opposite edge of my paper or card stock. I had to give it a try.

That's my board with the new sliding ruler attached. It's all metal and has inches on one edge and metric measurements on the other. It also has a raised area that accommodates the rail that helps create those nifty score lines and notches at that zero centering mark.

The ruler is essentially clipped on the board. Since it's metal, you can bend the sides in or out a bit to adjust how tightly it fits on the board. Mine was originally very snug. I bent the sides out just a bit and now the ruler slides up and down the board easily.

Here I was just trying to show that having the second ruler is nice when you want to make sure that everything is lined up nice and square. You can also slip that bottom edge of your paper or card stock underneath the ruler to help hold it in place. I did this a few times. The ruler didn't make a score mark where the raised rail is, so that worked nicely.

That notched area is also very handy because you can take your scoring tool all the way to the bottom edge of the card stock for a complete score.

Having the ruler at the bottom also helps as far as making very accurate and quick measurements. You can see exactly how far you've moved the paper or card stock at each end when making multiple scores, particularly diagonal scores. Makes it easier to make fun scored designs.

This is a card that I made using that piece of scored card stock. The images are by Penny Black and stamped using Memento dye inks.

I scored this card using my Scor-It, too. The images are by H & M stamps and also stamped using Memento dye inks.

All in all, I'd have to give a thumbs-up on the addition of the Scor-It ruler. I'd already used an extra ruler at times when making score lines. It's very nice to have one that can stay attached to the board, accommodates the scoring rail, and glides up and down the board very easily. I noticed that Scor-It has also added an online store to their site. That was just a little late for me since I'd bought mine elsewhere after not finding it anywhere locally. Now if they only sold some of those replacement rubber feet for the board. Mine lost one somewhere along the line and I suspect that I may have tossed it after finding it and not knowing what it was. Oops. :-)


  1. Hey gal, your score-it pattern are totally unique and awesome. Everyone on the board is flipping out over them.

    I'd like to ask you something. Would you give me an email?

    Susan Wolfe

  2. These cards are stunning. Are there some written directions for doing the scores, or is this totally your own design? Thanks.

  3. Dropped you an email, Susan. :-)

    StampinGranny, I was just playing when I made the scores for the second card up above. For the first one, I more or less followed the description for making a Starburst design using this new ruler that's on the Scor-It site. I changed the spacing of the lines though and made them slightly farther apart.

    The Starburst instructions are on the Scor-It Help page in the section for the sliding ruler: Scor-It Help

    Thanks for stopping by! :-)

  4. Thank you. I had gone on their site, but did not notice that section of it.

  5. Great explanation of the Scor-It ruler. I certainly must get some of these ordered. I can see how helpful they would be. Thanks again for sharing with us!



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