Wednesday, February 11, 2009

double 'bossing revisited

Last night a discussion reminded me of something that I'd been meaning to try--embossing over a large folder design with a smaller one. My plan originally had been to use Cuttlebug folders, but as I looked at them, I wasn't finding smaller designs that were appealing to me. At least not today. :-)

That was when it came to me--Simple Impressions folders! Remember those? They're the embossing folders by Sizzix that no one uses anymore because everyone's been so thrilled with the plastic embossing folders. Hey, it's true for me! Took me a while to find them. But I have a bunch of these from when Sizzix was clearing them out and they were just what I was looking for. Great!

Now, the approach. At first I thought I'd simply double Cutt..., er, double emboss. ;-) The images looked too busy though. I wanted something more simple. I decided to double 'boss instead. The background would be debossed and the smaller Sizzix image embossed after.

This card was debossed with a Sizzix textured impressions A2 size folder, then embossed with a Sizzix simple impressions image. The border was made using the Martha Stewart scalloped dots edge punch. I started to reach for my chalks, but then decided to leave things plain.

This is another A2 size Sizzix textured impressions folder debossing. I then embossed with the Sizzix simple impressions star image. I used the Martha Stewart Stars edge punch for this border.

And I wouldn't want to shun my Cuttlebug folders completely (LOL!), so this is a debossed Cuttlebug background with the Sizzix roses image embossed on it. The Martha Stewart mini hearts edge punch was used for the border this time.

All of the stamps used for these cards are by Hero Arts. The inks were all Memento dye inks.

I really liked the way these turned out. The double 'bossing gives more depth to the images without adding bulk. I was concerned at first that the part of the stencil around the images might flatten out the debossing too much, but I think it worked out fine. It helps ease the transition between the debossed and embossed aspects of the card.

So, nothing fancy this time and no tools to brainstorm. Just wanted to remind you that those Sizzix Simple Impressions folders can still have a place in all of this fun 'bossing. :-)


  1. Too cool! It's amazing what you can create!

  2. they are really great cards you have created, i must try this technique with my cuttlebug
    lol tracy xxx

  3. Wow they look really impressive, I shall have to try that. They look lovely.
    Jacqui xx


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