Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chart for Assorted Dies & Sizzix Multipurpose Platform

Quite a while back I wrote up an entry about the Big Shot and multipurpose platform (MPP) called Big Shot Basics. I'd said that I love the MPP because it makes using all of the dies, folders, texture plates etc. so easy. It's tabbed and the instructions are printed right on each tab, with helpful illustrations, no less! After reading the comments made concerning that blog entry, the only other nifty addition would have been if Sizzix had specified just which other dies etc could be used with each tab. I'd written that up in the body of that post, but I decided that it'd be easier if that information was put in chart form.

Here's where you can now find a chart: Dies & Sizzix Multipurpose Platform

This is a pdf file, so you'll need Adobe Reader (can be downloaded for free) or some other application that will let you open and read pdf files. If you want to print it out, it's best to print it in landscape.

I've tried to include most of the more commonly used manufacturers' dies etc. If I've missed one (or more--Yikes!) feel free to let me know. I think there is only one place where my chart differs from what's recommended on the MPP and that's when using the Cuttlebug embossing folders. I tend to use No Tabs because I get a crisply embossed image with less likelihood of tearing the card stock or getting extra creases. I think that Tab 1 is what's actually recommended. I added that in the notes.

I didn't include any of my tips, tricks, or tweaks on this chart. If I've done some experimenting or tweaking, the post can be found in my sidebar in the Tutorials and Info for the Big Shot and Cuttlebug menu. I'll be adding this post to that menu shortly. :-)


  1. Can I re-post this in my tools section of my blog with proper attribution of course? ~chris

  2. Hi chris, feel free to post it or just link to it if you'd like. I have it on my own site and I'm not worried about bandwidth issues since this file is fairly small. Appreciate your asking. :-)

  3. Jay - Your blog is proving to be incredibly helpful to me...I just purchased a Big Kick today and this chart is exactly what I needed to feel more comfortable with using my BK. One quick question: You suggested using Tab 1 with Cuttlebug dies. I found that the two Cuttle dies that I purchased today seemed to be "straining" a bit when I used this sandwich. I found that I was able to cut them without using any tabs (just the base of the MPP & the cutting plates). Has this been your experience too or do I have a really "tight" machine? I'm sure I'm going to be up late tonight looking through all your other posts! I've really appreciate what I have seen so far. ~Tara

    PS - I looked at your profile and I see we like some of the same authors - I'd like to recommend Charlaine Harris (Sookie Stackhouse books) & Kim Harrison (Rachel Morgan Books), if you haven't read them already!

  4. Hi Tara, I think that the machines are all a little different. Your machine may be tighter because it's brand new, or maybe that's just the way yours is built. I do use Tab 1 for my C'bug dies, but I think you did the right thing backing off and trying a slightly thinner combo. I always figure that the worst that can happen is that I won't get a complete cut or a good emboss and I just shim and try again. No harm done, and I'll know what will work the next time. :-)

    As for books, I guess I should update my profile. LOL! I love the Sookie Stackhouse series and I actually just finished reading The Outlaw Demon Wails a little earlier today! Thanks for the recommendations though--I'm always looking for great reads.

  5. Thank you, the website is so useful I have a new Big shot and the Nestability dies get stuck into the glass plates and I have to dig them out with a knife. Is that still normal or am I doing something wrong? thanks. Pat (I'm new at this, as you can tell!),


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