Friday, January 16, 2009

blog comments

I did a little bit of housekeeping on my blog. In the sidebar you'll still see everything that was there before, but I've added a widget that shows recent comments that have been added to posts on my blog. I know that not everyone can receive emailed follow-ups to comments that they've made--this means that unless you remember to stop back by and specifically check, you might not find out your answer or even know if your comment was acknowledged. That would be one way to follow up. Here are a couple more:
  • I've added a link to a feed that you can subscribe to via the RSS reader of your choice--this feed will be solely for follow-up comments that have been added to posts.
  • If you prefer email, I've added a link for an email subscription to comments, too. Like the email subscription to this blog, it would be a single daily mailing of comments, if there were any comments made.
So basically I've added a few ways to keep up with comments that are made on this blog. The comments can be very helpful and so many readers come up with such great ideas that I hate for them to go unnoticed. This is the best solution for now, I think. :-)

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