Wednesday, December 17, 2008

cardinal pics

This is one of my off-topic posts. One of the things that I enjoy about winter is seeing all of the birds that come to the feeders. They've been enthusiastic this week.

These are a couple of pics that I took on Monday before the snow. We'd just had a cold front drop us from a Sunday afternoon temperature of 59 to the teens later that night. The rain froze and glazed everything. The birds were quite content to hang around the feeders that I'd filled the day before. As usual, the most striking were the cardinals.

This male and female were enjoying sunflower seeds. It's not often that they'll both sit nicely at the same feeder. They may not have noticed each other.

And this is a male on his own, looking quite colorful against the green background.

Those are for you, Judie! :-)


  1. Thanks, Jay - they are gorgeous! I love them. :D



  2. Oh WOW.
    Imagine having those beautiful birds in your garden.
    Aren't they just awesome?
    Still we do have robins which are cute if not quite as colourful.
    Thanks for sharing.


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