Friday, August 01, 2008

Works for Cuttlebug small folders, too

Just in case there are those out there who either didn't make the leap or weren't sure whether this notion would work, let me elaborate a little more on preventing folder lines. My last two posts on this subject addressed those new border folders. You can use the same idea for the small Cuttlebug folders. Those have been known to leave those pesky folder lines, too.

So, here are a couple of those folders, along with the border folders and the craft sticks that I'd used with them.

I found that other craft stick at the bottom of the photo in my stash. It's nice because it runs the full length of the border die. The small craft stick comes up just a tad short.

So, what I needed was something that would cover the embossed design of the small folders, but not overlap the folder edges. Sadly, none of my wood die cuts would fit the bill. At least not without some alterations.

What you see above is the back panel of some Cuttlebug packaging. Yeah, I still had that handy, and I guess I'm just determined to use it. LOL! I cut it into approximately 1 3/4" squares. That's big enough to cover most of the designs without catching the folder edges. I stacked eight of those to come up with the thickness that gave a nice impression. Your mileage may vary. :-) That gives you an idea of where to start though.

Another thing that you could do is use two of the bigger craft sticks side by side. Cutting one in half would do the trick. I'd thought about doing that, but my paper cutter and Cuttlebug scrap packaging were closer, quicker, and easier. And actually, you could use these craft sticks as I've shown up above without cutting them. Just let the extra length overlap the hinge of the folder--that edge doesn't leave a line anyway.

I left this card fairly plain, no score lines or ribbon, so you can see that there aren't any folder lines. These are all Cuttlebug embossing folders--the top is the new Forest Branches A2 embossing folder. I did the coloring with Memento dye ink, Prismacolor pencils, a black Sharpie, and a white Inkssentials opaque pen.


  1. Jay - I just want to say "thanks" for figuring out all this stuff and sharing it with us!

    I also have a question for you - do you know if the new A2 Combo Pack with the other flower (Everyday Greetings) is also a debossed flower instead of embossed? That's going to affect my decision whether or not to purchase it!

  2. Oh, I am so busted! LOL! Yes, I do know about the Everyday Greetings set because I have it. :-) I also have a card that I've made with it. I just haven't posted it yet. So, I can say from firsthand knowledge that it is an embossed flower design, unlike the Forever Friends.

  3. You are so clever! Thanks so much for educating us all and sharing your talent.

  4. Thank you Jay! Now I know I need that one . . .

  5. You can change a debossd image to an embossed one by just placing your paper in the folder from the back instead of the front. A few of the other folders are the same. Just check each one out on scrap paper before using on cardstock.HTH

  6. Marilyn, the issue with the Forever Friends debossing isn't so much the fact that it debosses. Like you said, usually you can flip the folder and emboss instead.

    The problem is that the image, which to me has a definite orientation as far as using it on a card front, ends up reversed as well. It's like the problem that people had with the Sledding A2 folder that also debosses. That one was worse because it had text which would end up backwards. With the Forever Friends folder you can use it so that the flowers are embossed; it just throws the design off as far as using it as a card front and adding text to it afterward. I think for me it'll be a matter of getting used to it debossing rather than being able to work around it.


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