Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sizzix crease pad and Cuttlebug

I've talking about how nice it is to cut and emboss Nestabilities dies in one pass using the Sizzix crease pad with my Big Shot. I'd mentioned that there wasn't a good work-around for the Cuttlebug other than perhaps cutting a crease pad down to size. It's too wide for the Cuttlebug otherwise.

I went to Michael's armed with two coupons and, among other things, wound up with a fairly cheap crease pad in my bag after I checked out. This red pad is actually just a tad thinner than the blue one that I used in my Big Shot. That was fine since the B plate is a bit thinner than the Big Shot clear cutting plates, too.

So, I cut off about 1/4" along the long side of the crease pad. I did this using some Tonic scissors. It was easy peasy. My stack was as follows: A plate, C plate, scalloped circle die with cutting side up, cardstock, crease pad, and two shims, i.e. two of those pieces that form the backing of the Cuttlebug folder packaging. The number of shims you need will vary according to your machine. I've found that I need to shim to make sure that I get a complete cut. The embossing is usually fine.

There's the stack and the materials. I'm kinda sorry I missed the full bottom edge in that photo. I'd actually rounded the corners with a Zutter corner rounder. LOL! Hey, it looked really good!

And here's a close-up of the results after one pass through the Cuttlebug. Nicely cut and nicely embossed all in a single pass. By the time I'd received the discounts for the coupons, this purchase was easily less than what I would have paid for an embossing pad elsewhere, around $4.00 USD.

I think I'll close the chapter on this now. :-)


  1. Thanks for the research!!!! I have the CB and will definitely be going to get a Sizzix Crease pad now.

  2. WOW! This is SOOO great!!

    Now, where in Michael's did you find this "crease"pad? Is that what it is called?

    GOTTA get me on of those- ASAP!


  3. It's called a premium crease pad. It's made by Sizzix, and it can be found in the aisle with the dies and die cut machines. Look for it near the Sizzix cutting plates and that sort of thing.

  4. I think this is great!! Such a timesaver! Thanks so much!! May I ask a really dumb question please? What is a "crease" plate, what is it made of, and what is the original purpose of it? Thanks so much!!! Carolyn :o)

  5. The crease pad is supposed to be used with those Sizzix dies that have a fold line as part of the design, like boxes. Often with the regular cutting plate, that fold line would end up being a cut rather than a score. This pad, which feels a lot like a self-healing cutting mat, allows the die to cut what it's supposed to cut and makes it less likely that what's supposed to be scored will end up being cut. So, it's called a crease pad because it helps ensure that there will be a crease rather than a cut. Works for that purpose, too.

  6. Thanks for this great information. I'm going to have to get one of those crease pads.

  7. Is the sizzix crease pad the only thing you can use,

  8. Karleen, I don't know if you saw my other post where I used the crease pad in the Big Shot, but it is a bit unique in that it is firm enough that it makes a good cutting surface for a die, but pliable enough that it can still make a nice crisp emboss.

    Cindy H was on the right track when she tried a self-healing cutting mat. That's close to the right material, I think, but she didn't get a good emboss and she ended up cracking a B plate as well. I didn't try one because I don't have a spare, so as of right now, a crease pad is the only reliable accessory I know of for cutting and embossing Nestabilities dies in one pass.

  9. I'm doing a Happy Dance! Thank you!

  10. Jay, you're a genius!! Thanks so much for your perservence on this subject. I'll be on the lookout for the red crease pad!

    While reading about your sandwich, I realized that in my haste I may have caused the crack in Plate B because I inadvertently put the cardstock on the plate and then put the Nestie *face down*. I do not usually do it that way (blushing). Don't know whether this caused it; the plate was too old or defective (got it around the time there were some defective plates out there); or the sandwich was just too tight!'ve solved another problem for me:) Thanks!

  11. What is the red crease pad called at Michaels and in which section did you find it? Thank you

  12. Oops,I see the answer to my question was right there in your comments. Sorry about that.

  13. I have a stampin up crease pad...doesn't work very well with the sandwich..perhaps Im doing something wrong. Will continue to iron out the kinks :(

  14. Even though I am using a crease pad (and I've even tried it with two shims also), my Big Shot Pro is still cutting through the fold lines instead of only creasing them. Do I need to buy another crease pad and use two crease pads instead of only one?

  15. I just got the crease pad but mine came black. I ordered it from JoAnns when they had half off and 4 cents shipping/ and I am not happy that it is too wide for the CB. I got it to use with the flip it dies. I found out the shims and a long c plate does it fine. I love the flip it dies.
    to cut the thin dies on the CB I got the metal plate and it works great on the very detailed thin dies--the cut is so clean--the parts just fall apart.


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