Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Goo Gone follow-up

In the interest of science, I invested $2.97, plus tax, in a Goo Gone Mess-Free Pen to test with the magic colored pencil technique. ;-) It has a chiseled tip, as you'll see in the photo. You press down on the tip a couple of times to get the flow of the Goo Gone going, and you're all set. By the way, there's little odor to this pen compared with working with the bottle of Goo Gone and a stump yesterday. And actually, I had to go back and open up the pen because I couldn't remember noticing a smell when I was coloring earlier. That's a good thing, eh? But how did it perform? I'll let you decide.

The image above is an Inkadinkado image stamped with Ranger's Archival Jet Black ink. Again, I colored the image with Prismacolor Premier colored pencils. I included the tip of the Goo Gone pen in the shot so that you can see what it looks like.

Here's the owl when I finished with it. What I did was start with the lighter colors and move toward the darker ones because I wasn't sure how easily the tip would clean off. When I finished with one color, I scribbled a bit on a scrap piece of paper to remove any color from the tip. That worked fine. What I'd originally intended to do was to color this entire image with the Goo Gone pen. I'd finished coloring part of the left side when I decided to color the other half using a stump and Sansodor for the sake of comparison. So, as you look at the photo up above, the half on your left is blended with Goo Gone, and the right half is blended with the Sansodor. The blending is comparable and I think the reason why there isn't as nice a transition between the brown and the yellow on the Goo Gone side is operator error--I'd left a bit more white space on that side because I hadn't really been planning to use this for a direct comparison. That's what happens when you're winging it. LOL!

Bottom line, the pen has little odor, blends nicely, and the making the transition from working on one color to working on another is as simple as scribbling on some scratch paper. Seems like a reasonable alternative to me, and one that may be a good one for folks who would like to color using this technique but can't tolerate some of the stronger smells associated with even the "odorless" mineral spirits. It's easier to transport than a bottle of spirits and stumps, too.


  1. Jay, I never heard of a Goo Gone pen, although I have a bottle of the stuff I can use. Where did you find it? Also, what is Sansador? I'm really enjoying your site. Great ideas and you are inspiring me!

  2. Lisa, I've seen the Goo Gone Mess-free pen at Wal-mart. I've also seen it at Hobby Lobby. I don't recall now whether I've seen it at Michael's or Target, but I know I'm seeing it more frequently than I used to. If it's stocked, it's usually near cleaning products or near glues or adhesives.

    Hope that helps! I find I use mine often just because of the convenience.


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