Thursday, April 17, 2008

Creative Cuttling in More Detail

I've had some requests for a bit more detail about creative Cuttling and some photos. I didn't include a lot of detail at the outset because so many different things can be used to make the impression. Still, visuals are nice and if they can help in a general way, then it's all good. :-)

First off, I place my cardfront inside the Cuttlebug folder and tuck the back of the card behind the back of the folder.

I place my folder on the platform, then position the frame on top of that.

Once I'm satisfied that I have it where I like it, I place my clear plate on top and roll that combo through.

Open up the folder, and the front of the card has been embossed.

Now, I mentioned that there's some guesswork to this. It all has to do with the thickness of what you're trying to put through your machine. Usually I have my card inside the folder between the two clear plastic plates that come with the Big Shot. Here's a photo comparing some of the things that I've run through my machine on top of the folders to one of the clear plates.

As you can see, some of the items that I've used are either slightly thicker or thinner than the clear plate. The frame was close, which made it a good example for this tutorial. Since it's nearly the same thickness as the clear plate, I eliminated the clear plate that I'd usually put on the bottom of the sandwich and I rolled that and the folder through with just the clear plate on top.

If the item is slightly thinner than the clear plate, like the craft sticks, I might still take one of those plates out but add a layer or two back on my multipurpose platform, or I can use the slightly thicker Big Impressions black plastic plate, or shimming would be a possibility, too, if you don't have either of those other two things that I mentioned.

If it's thicker, like with the coasters, I eliminated both clear plates, adjusted my platform, and just ran the combo through, as is.

Again, the main thing is, don't force the combo through. It doesn't need to be a really tight fit for the cardfront to be embossed, and it's not worth risking your machine. This is supposed to be fun, right? Broken machines aren't fun.

Hope that helps!


  1. Wow! These are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing these techniques. This is so much easier than my plan of buying extra cutting plates and seeing if I could get someone to cut them for me!

  2. These are excellent!!
    Sydney, Australia

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