Saturday, March 01, 2008

This means spring, right?

I spotted a couple of these hopping around in the backyard this afternoon. Robins are a sure sign of spring, right?

I know, I know, but actually, we've had a very spring-like day here, and we'll have another one tomorrow. Then Monday is supposed to bring us snow and sleet. UGH! I am so ready for winter to be over!

On the other hand, these cardinals usually remind me of winter because they look so pretty against the snow. They looked pretty today, even without snow.

Birds haven't been the only wildlife visiting the yard. For the last couple of years, we'd had mysterious visitors raiding our bird feeders. We never knew what they were, though we had some suspects. A number of weeks ago, we changed out some of our outdoor lights and put motion sensors on a couple of them. One of them was the one that lights the patio. A few nights ago I saw the light on out there and peeked out. This is what I saw.

Busted! A raccoon had been at the top of the list, and now we had visual confirmation. But it wasn't just one raccoon....

Yes, he has an accomplice! And last night my daughter counted four of them scouting the patio for sunflower seeds. I didn't get pics of that mob.

And this is what happens if you don't refill the feeder that's more easily accessible by climbing....

I'm not sure how it got up there, but it was hanging on, swinging, and eating all at the same time. Raccoons are certainly persistent, not to mention acrobatic!

Just thought I'd share these fun photos for a change of pace. :-)


  1. LOL - those raccoons are a riot! They love to work with skunks as partners, we found that out on a camping trip, never have seen my DH move quite that fast before or since :)

    Love all the birds in your garden, they are so pretty!

  2. Hi, Jay.

    When I don't hear from you for a while I should just check here. :D

    Great posts - love the cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are wonderful. My attention span could never handle all that patience. :D


  3. Sue, I didn't know that raccoons and skunks team up! I wonder if that explains the skunk smell that we all noticed outside the night of the lunar eclipse....


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