Monday, February 18, 2008

Love and Friendship - DCM

Today I found some time to pull out some of my Stampin' Up! stamps to see what I could come up with for this week's challenge on Daring Cardmakers. The theme is Love and Friendship, as well as using Stampin' Up! stamps, if possible. I happened to come across a set that I bought quite a while back but hadn't used yet. Perfect! I also got to use a technique that I don't use often. Even better! Here's what I came up with....

This is the Stampin' Up! Patterns of Friendship set. For the dresses I used some paper piecing. I'm not sure if it shows up well, but the purple is a mulberry type paper and the pink/salmon colored paper has a bit of shine and texture to it. You can probably see that better on the layer with the sentiment. Anyway, I just thought that they were a fun color combination and looked good together.


  1. Fab card, I love the stamps. :)


  2. Beautiful card Jay , i love the stamp.

    Andrea x

  3. Oh, I wish I had bought that set--your card is so cute!

  4. Gorgeous Card, i luvvvvv the stamps..
    Tina x


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