Thursday, June 14, 2007

Clear Album

I read about making clear mini-albums on the Two Peas site. There was a sample by Page Frame Designs linked there. The albums were pricy, but really neat! Naturally, being the creative people that they are, some of the Peas started looking to make their own from less pricy materials. Here's what I came up with.

This isn't an album, as in a photo album. This was my first try at working with clear acetate, so I was just playing around, using various techniques and assorted items that I came across as I was experimenting. The album was made out of clear acetate that I found at Hobby Lobby in the stained glass department. It cost me $1.99 for a good-sized sheet. It was easy to cut with a craft knife--you run the knife where you want your cut to be. Do that several times and then snap it off. It should make a clean break, unless you become impatient like I did. That's why you'll see some jagged edges on mine, but hey, it's an experiment! Learn from my mistakes! LOL! If you look for them at Michael's they're called styrene blanks.

I used rub ons, Palette hybrid inks, glue dots, and crystal lacquer on this project. Primas and stickles were fun embellishments, too. I also used some clear playing cards and a coffee cup sleeve from Starbucks. I think almost anything goes! By the time I was finished, my book was about 3/4" thick. My Bind It All had easily punched through each page--I'd done this before decorating, by the way. I'm sure that the Cropadile would work on this, too. I bound it with 7/8" binding wire. I didn't try my corner rounder, but I've heard that it will work on these pages as well. That would be a nice touch. But not a bad result for only spending a couple of bucks on acetate! Fun, too! Next time I'll also work from the back to the front to get a better handle on how the finished project looks. Working with a clear medium sure opens up different possibilities.


  1. This album looks amazing! Great work!

  2. This is outstanding! I could see so many possibilities. Also, looks rules, huh? My practical side nags at me...."what would you do with it?"

  3. Wow, this is a stunning album! Great work!


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