Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My Altered ATG

I've raved before about my ATG, adhesive transfer gun, by 3M. My comments had to do with the tremendous stickiness of the tape, plus the great price when compared with refillable tape runners. This adhesive really holds! The gun itself is big though. It's not difficult to manage at all because it's light, but it also wasn't very pretty to look at. Mine is model 714, which applies a 1/4 inch tape. It's red, with a clear cover. Or at least it used to be red and clear. It isn't anymore. I'd seen that some folks had altered their ATGs. I had to give this a try. Here is what my ATG looks like now....

Instead of red, my ATG is now a soft yellow. That was the back up above. Here is the front....

I've made the cover an opaque white. The paints were specifically made to cover plastic and came in a spray can. I taped the rollers so that they wouldn't get all gummed up by overspray. The designs are all rub ons, some are Basic Grey and the other are by Making Memories. I also added some rhinestone bling. The stones are strategically placed so that no matter how I put the gun down, it's the stones that touch the surface. I'm hoping that this will help my altered look last even longer. It's holding up well so far! :-)


  1. Wow - that's wonderful! I have the same ATG gun but mine is still the boring red and clear. I might have to change that soon! Did you spray it with the cover open or closed?

  2. great idea! if only I had one to alter... :o)

  3. Love it!! I've been thinking of altering mine too, but I haven't had a chance to think it all out.

  4. I'm thinking about making mine purple. Do you regret doing any part of it. Does the handle feel normal with the paint on it?


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