Saturday, April 07, 2007

Even More Bind It All Info

Oh, this is great! Susan over at the Gingerwood forums worked up a chart that lists the cover sizes, inner page sizes, and the number of holes in the spine for the various sizes when using the Bind It All--no more guesswork when you're trying to figure out how many holes there will be when you're making a project of a particular size. Thank you, Susan!

Here is the chart:

And don't forget that if you're still trying to decide what size coil to use for your project, I have a coil chart on my blog: Coil Binding Chart

There are also other tidbits of information scattered throughout my blog RE: the Bind It All. Click on the Bind It All label below to see all of them. Click on the coils label, too, because there's some info that can be found that way as well.

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