Sunday, January 21, 2007

Pop Outs

Well, I could have crafted this weekend, but I have a cold that's made me feel like I'm in a fog, so I've read books and surfed the internet and I've had mug after mug of hot tea. Earlier today I came across some pics and a few links to some tutorials. That perked me up! Basically you can give digital photos a 3D look. This was fairly simple and it was fun to play around with. One of the keys is finding photos that will work. Here are some of my attempts.

Essentially, what you do is find a photo that you think will work. You select part of that photo and create a frame. Add a little perspective, black out the background, erase the part of the frame that should be hidden behind your popped out object, add some drop shadows to add some realism, and you've got a fun 3D graphic. Here's a link to an Out of Bounds tutorial. Just another fun thing to do with digital pics, particularly on a snowy day when a virus is getting you down. :-)


  1. These pop outs are amazing - I just found your blog through Gingerwood Bulletin Board and I absolutely love your stuff - your interests are the same as mine by the way. Thanks for maintining this


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