Friday, December 01, 2006

Winter has arrived

Earlier this week we'd been able to get out and do the last of the raking in T-shirts and shorts, enjoying the unseasonably warm temps in the low 70s here in Missouri. All of that changed yesterday. It started with rain in the wee hours of the morning on Thursday, which changed to freezing rain and sleet over the course of the day as the temps took a big plunge into the 20s. Yikes, what a shock to the system! We pulled the girls out of school a couple of hours early. We weren't the only ones. With predictions of more sleet with significant accumulations, followed by heavy snow later, schools and businesses were all letting out early. I don't think I've ever seen so much sleet that it covered the yard like it was snow. It was more like someone poured snow cone ice all over the place. Anyway, we were lucky here. The power stayed on and our trees aren't big enough to pose a real danger as far as the ice and wind causing them to snap off large limbs and branches. In fact, once the sun came out today, it was rather pretty with all of the ice glistening on the trees.

Here's a pic of my backyard before the girls got out there and played in it.

The birds were also active at the feeders. A couple of days ago after hearing the forecast, I'd filled all of the feeders that we have. Here's a female cardinal who was waiting her turn at the sunflower seeds.

I'll give the blue jay some equal time, though it tends to be a bully.

Looks like winter is finally here. Good thing, too. It was tough to get in the mood for the holidays when it was staying so warm.


  1. GORGEOUS pics! Wow - when I see snow and ice, it's just so mezmerizing to me, being that I live in a desert and all. LOL When I lived in ST. Louis, it was during December and January, so I got a taste of what the winters are like out there, but obviously it was short lived. I really like colder climates. So what am I doing out here living in the southwest?? LOL No idea. Did you guys have any problems with th efoliage freezing or anything due to the quickly plunging temps?

    Great shots of the birds, too! My Dad is originally from Colorado and is a huge Cardinal lover. :)

  2. Beautiful pictures!! Winter is my favorite season. I don't know what's happening, officially it is winter here, but we are having spring-like weather...

  3. I'm really NOT ready for cold weather and snow...but your pictures are beautiful! LOL


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