Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Still along the lines of different

Since I mentioned one tradition at The Ladies of Lallybroch™, I might as well mention another. There is a group of crafters there who do ornament exchanges, the Lallyornamenters. I've joined in the holiday exchanges a few times. As you might guess, the ornaments generally have something to do with the Outlander books that I've mentioned before.

My ornament this year began with an acrylic snowflake (from Sunday International) which I tinted on the back using Ranger alcohol inks. I then stamped over that with a Celtic design by Scottish Borders Stamps, using Palette Noir hybrid ink. To add some sparkle, I used Crystal lacquer over that and applied glitter. Yes, I had a glorious glitter mess on my craft table for a while! I was almost satisfied with that, but decided to add a bit more.

At the end of the most recent book in this series, a large white sow and her piglets make an appearance. This white sow depicts the resilience of the characters in that she digs her way out of ash and rubble and marches off into the snowy woods with her brood to start anew.
I love this image! So, I added them. The image is from Stamp Francisco and was stamped in permanent black ink on transparent shrink plastic. I then colored the image with a white Sharpie and applied it to the front of the snowflake with Crystal lacquer. I added the silver ribbon, then made nine more of them, and I was finished with my exchange items.

Here's the ornament...

This photo doesn't quite capture the sparkle that this has in real life, but I think you get the idea. :-)

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  1. I bet it's gorgeous with all the sparkles cause it looks great in the photo!


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