Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More about the Big Shot

I think everyone is still looking for that one crafting tool that can do it all, or at least come kinda close. Seems that there are a lot of questions about what the Big Shot can do. I talked about some of this in my last entry. This time I want to talk about using it with regular brass stencils--that is, the ones that don't come from Sizzix or Ellison in their own folders, ready to emboss. When I was using my Sidekick, I found a way to make my regular brass stencils work. I used the cutting plates, some foam rubber, maybe a cardstock shim or two, and the paper that I wanted to emboss on. The principle is the same with the Big Shot. I used the multipurpose platform and some of the supplies from the Big Impressions starter kit. So, starting at the bottom, first lay down the multipurpose platform open to tab 2, then the clear cutting plate, brass stencil, cardstock (navy bazzill in the example below), silicone rubber layer, black plastic impressions pad. Roll this through. This worked great, even considering that I used a fairly heavy cardstock with texture to it. Here's a Christmas card that I made using my embossed design.

embossed Christmas card

I enhanced the embossing a bit using some fine grit sandpaper on the image and then my Stardust pen on the individual ornaments, but I liked the way it turned out. By the way, the silicone pad included with the Ellison Big Impressions kit is similar to the one sold for use in the Wizard. These are both very soft, pliable rubber, which I think is the key to getting good impressions with these machines. And let me just say one more time that the multipurpose platform is super! Not only is it handy, but it has all of the instructions for the layering needed for the various dies and stencils printed right on it. I love it when things make my crafting life easier!


  1. Great color combo! The blues look so pretty together.

  2. Thank you for the info about the embossing with the Big Shot. I've wanted to attempt it but haven't yet. I now have the directions! Thank you


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